Blog Confusions

I haven’t posted for a while. I was having a bit of a crisis about what I wanted from the blog and what sort of things I wanted to post. I was reading about blogs and all the advise was to find your niche and stick to it. I didn’t have a niche I just posted about our little lives and what I found interesting. I’ve only just started on my attempt to blog and already it was stressing me out! Then I realised I don’t need to. This is something I’m doing for me. So I can look back at my life and see what we’ve done together. All the good times we’ve had, all the places we’ve been and adventures we’ve been on. Should I go private? Maybe. Maybe I will at some stage but for now I think I’ll just carry on with what I’m doing. Also I’ve deleted every single picture from every post I’ve done so far. Going to take a while to fix that… Dont think computers are my strong point.