Marbella Hens

Tom proposed when we were on holiday. We had gone away with my family to Mallorca for a week and we’re going to fly on to Croatia to meet some friends afterwards. On the first night of the holiday he took me totally by surprise and popped the question just before we met everyone for dinner. Then all the celebrations kicked off. It was so lovely celebrating with all my immediate family and most of my close friends away from all social media and everyday life.

My Mum, sisters and I pretty much planned the hen party the next day whilst lounging round the pool still a bit giddy from the previous night. Being on holiday lying in the sun probably informed our decisions a little. A trip to Marbella seemed a fairly natural choice for me. I have some friends who live out there who were actually the friends who introduced me and Tom in the first place! Toms family also own a little flat out there so that made it easier for Toms sister and mum to come and join the fun. Plus if I kept it nice and close to the wedding day, and was careful not to burn, I would have a nice natural tan for the big day!


We rented a villa through air B and B. It was lovely to have our own space and little pool to retreat to and recover from hangovers around. Having a villa cut costs as we stayed in a couple of nights to cook our own food and play some silly games.┬áMy bridesmaids organised the sweetest idea of a “wedding advent” for me. It was a little present everyday for the ten days leading up to the wedding. It was so thoughtful!


They surprised me with my first wedding advent┬ápresent on day 1 in Marbella – a lilo in the shape of a pineapple and a rubber ring in the shape of a flamingo whom we named Philomena.


Some of the presents related to what we were doing that day and some were just lovely things to keep. On the day we had organised to go to the beach club, they gave me temporary tattoos saying “bride tribe” and “bride to be.” Basically, my beautiful bridesmaids, my mum and future mother in law completely spoiled me the whole trip and I count myself so lucky to be surrounded by totally wonderful women.



A truly magical highlight of the trip was renting a boat for the day. It was super rough so although it included unlimited bubbles to drink we hardly drank any! Not through sea sickness, thank god, but we were too busy holding on for dear life, shrieking and laughing. Any drink was inevitably spilt all down yourself or all over the boat. Me present for the day was some body glitter so we decorated ourselves before we got there to make sure we looked like proper mermaids! We were told to look out for dolphins and I really was hoping to see some. But even the boat captain was surprised to see as many as we did! We were speeding along and a huge pod of dolphins were speeding right along with us. They were really playful, jumping out the water and swimming from one side of the boat right underneath and popping up on the other side. We were all just so amazed and so grateful that we had seen them.

We selected one of the nights we were there as “the night” . This was our night to go all out in Marbella. My present for the day was a sash which just happened to match my gold sequin dress perfectly. We went to a lovely restaurant that night which culminated in me being bought a robot hen which sung a song whilst walking along, until she stops and clucks and lays an egg. So we ate good food and drank great wine with this hen clucking up and down the table. I laughed so much that night and will always treasure that memory. Mum and Jenny retreated at this point and left us to go and hit some bars and clubs a little too hard.

Coming home would have been difficult had it been any other holiday where we had had that much fun, but it was just the start and the wedding was fast approaching. The anticipation was definitely building now and I couldn’t wait to marry Tom! I couldn’t have asked for a better hen do and a better bunch of people to spend it with. Love you all, my beautiful, blonde hens!



Brunch(ish) at Bourne and Hollingsworth

We have a bit of a tradition in our little group of friends. Every time there is a birthday we all plan a meal or activity as a surprise for them. It’s so lovely as it makes sure everyone gets together regularly and it’s nice to share new experiences together. It feels really special when it’s your turn and you know some plotting is going on on your behalf. One of my bridesmaids, Emily, had her birthday recently so we planned a boozey brunch for her at Bourne and Hollingsworth. I should maybe have called this lunch as we ate at lunch time but it was breakfast food so that counts as brunch, right? It’s somewhere that has been popping up on my Instagram feed a lot and you can see why. The interiors are a photographers dream. I loved the botanical theme and that greenhouse room is quite dreamy!

The girls arrived a bit earlier than everyone else so we could give her her own presents and kick everything off with a Bloody Mary. We got her some really cool earrings, a palm print we knew she was lusting after and a couple of other little bits.

I ordered the huevos benedictos – chorizo, avocado, bearnaise sauce, poached eggs, pico de gallo all on a muffin. It was amazing. So, so good. Everyone was raving about the food they had ordered. The food definitely impressed us. To be honest, the service could have been better. They moved us shortly after seating us and it was very difficult to get anyone’s attention once they moved us to our private area. They closed the kitchen 5 minutes after we sat down (at 2:30) so we had to think ahead and order our desserts before we even started our mains. When we got chatting to them it turned out it the first day for a couple of them, so maybe it was just teething problems. It didn’t affect our enjoyment of the meal. We ordered the bottomless brunch so there was a steady stream of blinis keeping us merry and spirits were high.

After our meal, some of us headed off to watch the rest of the boat race in the sun. Sitting on the wall, bathed in sunshine, it felt like summer had finally arrived. Nannying is such a summer job. I love it when the suns out and I can take my little charge up to the common for the morning or the afternoon. Bring on the sun!