26 Years Old!

Tom turned 26 years old today. So I wanted to write a little bit about him. We’ve been together for 7 and a half years now, married for 5 months. I know marrying him was the best decision of my life. I was 17 when we met and I just absolutely knew we would marry each other one day. It was just a certain fact that I knew. Look how young you looked that day on Cabopino beach!


He keeps me young, which is a strange thing to say at 25 years old, but it’s very true. Left to my own devises, I’m a bit of a hermit who likes to stay home and read my books, but Tom likes to get out there and live life first hand, carpe diem and all that. He’s so outgoing and sociable. He brings me to life and life would be so boring without him. Never grow up Tom, although let’s face it there’s no chance of that happening.


This is a picture of us at the pub in my second year of college. He lived in Henley and I lived in a small village in West Sussex. He would drive down and see me every weekend or even pick me up and take me with him to Henley. Every weekend. Without fail. I used to count down the days of the week til I could see him on that Friday night. In my dads speech at our wedding he summed up Tom’s love of life pretty well when he talked of his never failing optimism. It’s so contagious and he just spreads that optimism everywhere he goes. He don’t take anything in life too seriously and has fun every minute of every day.


Tom has a total love for his family and it’s something that he never lets go of. His heart is just so fiercely loyal and true. I’m the luckiest girl in the world to be your wife Tom, and I’ll remind myself that every day.


Your pretty handsome too…



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