Beating Those January Blues

January can be a tough month. Christmas is over, as is New Year, and you spent all your money on presents and going out. The weather tends to be on the miserable side. I got so excited that it was supposed to snow, but it was somewhat of a let down. The one flurry we got was too slushy and short lived to settle. How to cheer ourselves up?

Our friends Dom and Hattie have an apartment in Lymington, a pretty little town on the border of the New Forest on the Hampshire coast and invited us down for a long weekend. It was perfect timing. We piled onto the train nice and early on Friday morning with slightly sore heads from celebrating our friends Fletch’s birthday the night before. But getting on the train early meant we had a whole extra day down there.

We dumped our bags at the apartment and went straight out to eat lunch and for a wonder around the town. For dinner we made a lovely lasagne, and then we sat by the fire playing monopoly and planning holidays for the upcoming year (watch this space). Very cosy and “hygge”. Unfortunately my broken phone decided to completely give up and refuse to work which means not many photos in this blog post, only the ones I managed to pilfer off Dom and Hattie. Tom’s not a big photographer, and truth be told, neither am I. New Years resolution number 1: Take more photos.
Saturday was a proper adventure. We planned a 2 and a half hour walk to a hotel nearby called The Pig. We packed an old school map and used our iPhones as compasses. Like proper Londoners we didn’t quite dress appropriately. It was a beautiful, crisp day. What we didn’t expect was the mud. We waded through the mud which came up to our ankles and turned up at our destination a little late looking like swamp monsters. It sounds miserable and it could have been if it wasn’t for the fact we couldn’t stop laughing at each other, slipping and sliding around.

The Pig are actually a chain of hotels and I had eaten at the one near Bath, so my expectations were high. Luckily, this little piggy delivered. The food is excellent, it’s in a beautiful old manor house and the decor is amazing. In the restaurant the interior style is very trendy whilst the rest of the hotel remains traditional. The menu only uses ingredients sourced within a 25 mile radius. We couldn’t decide what to order, so ordered all of the starters and created our own sharing, taster menu. The only thing I didn’t like was the liver but liver just isn’t my thing. My favourite was the trout, it tasted divine.


Hattie has earned herself the nickname Pig so felt right at home!


Then with full belly’s we sat by yet another fire with yet another glass of wine and a whiskey for the boys. That just never gets boring.


Tom couldn’t resist giving us a little ride round the grounds before we left. We’re just big children really.
Sunday was quite a miserable day weather wise. We walked down the road for a lovely full English. I’m not really a cooked breakfast sort of girl, but The Elderflower do the best breakfast I’ve ever tasted. If you ever get the chance to try it, definitely do it. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Then we snuggled up at the flat and watched a film before catching a train home.
Overall a very indulgent weekend. LOTS of food, LOTS of wine and LOADS of laughter. Just what the doctor ordered! It was good for the soul.


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